How long before I receive an email response from Even Odds Collective?

Please allow 1 business day for responses regarding order status, tracking or general inquiries. When inquiring about an order, please be sure to include order number, name and email used for your order when contacting us. If you are inquiring about becoming a retailer, please allow upwards of 3 business days. Also try to remember that we are not robots, just people; we will always do our best to get a hold of you as soon as possible. 



Are additional on all product. Taxes suck, we know, but unfortunately it is a small price that has to be paid.


Product pricing

All pricing and services are listed in Canadian Dollars.


Shipping Restrictions

Ah shipping. This has been the bane of every online shoppers' existence, and it is an unfortunate price to pay. That being said, we are doing our absolute best to make shipping affordable, easy, and limit the 'checkout surprise'. So here we go: 

  • Shipping on all products within Canada is now a $10.00 flat rate to ANYWHERE within our great country. This applies to our standard shipping of 4-7 days within the country. If you need products faster we are also offering an express rate (typically 2-3 days) of $25.00 flat within the great Canadian borders. 
  • Being a Calgary company, we have to treat our locals right. We offer a $5.00 shipping fee within the Calgary city limits, and if you're reaaaaaallly lucky, we may even drop the products off in person. We love you Calgary. 
  • To our friends in America: we know that you have to deal with Trump, so we decided to brighten your day and offer flat rates as well. Standard shipping to the US (5-8 days) is a flat rate of $18.00 while our express option (3-4days) is sitting at $30.00. 
  • We want the rest of the world to look fly as well so we are offering a $50.00 flat rate shipping cost to anywhere around the globe! There are restrictions to where we can ship and shipping costs are negotiable if we can find a cheaper option. Hit us up with a quick email and we will do our best to get products out to you no matter where you are! 


Free shipping on all orders over $100

We are offering our loyal customers a chance to cut all of the shipping costs out completely. Place an order over $100 and enter the promo code: EOSHIPSFREE to receive free shipping on your order. So fill the cart, get some buddies together, and do whatever it takes to omit the shipping. It's as easy as that.  


I have not received a shipment confirmation. Has my order shipped?

Service is essential, and nothing makes us happier then staying up all night packing orders. We generally ship all orders within 2 business days of receiving them, and we always try our best to get them out as fast as possible. Once the order has been shipped, you will receive a confirmation email from us. Weekends, holidays and high volume online traffic may delay this process. All orders are processed in order of arrival. 


How long does it take to receive my order?

Our time-lines are based on Canada Post shipping times and may be subject to delays due to customs, regions and national holidays.


If your order still has not arrived...

As indicated above, parcels can be subject to delays due to you customs, the accessibility of your town or city and national holidays. Please wait 10 days after placing your order to get in contact with us. Once we have been advised, we will notify Canada Post of the delay. If the parcel is not returned to us, or received on your end within 20 business days from ship date, we guarantee a refund. 


Can I return my product?

Returns and exchanges will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. If your item is faulty or damaged, we require that customers get a hold of us within 7 days of receiving their package. If an exchange is permitted, items must be returned un-worn and un-washed. Any returns will be exchanged for items of equal value. All sale/discount items will absolutely not be exchangeable unless the product is faulty or damaged. No items are guaranteed to be in stock. No exchanges or returns will be accepted after 10 days of receiving your order. Manufacturing defects are always up for debate, but if damaged, send it back and we will take a look. 



We get boatloads of sponsorship questions on social media. If you are serious about a sponsorship, please submit your footage and videos to our email: Please, give us some details in your email. Tell us about yourself, current or past sponsors, contests entries, where you want to go with your passion and much more. It's hard for us to take anyone seriously when we receive emails that say "yo, sponsor me". Take time with your submission so we can truly take the time to deal with you. 



As stated above, we offer a locals only shipping service because we truly value our upbringing. On top of our shipping services, we are always available to swing by and showcase our products - and you don't even have to buy anything! We understand that everyone has a certain fit, style and body type, and this can always deter people from buying online. If you want to check out some of our goods, give us a shout, and we will organize a time.