Local Legends


What is it? 

Local Legends is our program for the unrecognized; for the person who goes 'all in' on their passion and deserves a little recognition for being so damn cool. This program will be used to showcase the wide array of talent that's out there and through video collaboration, photography, interviews and other unique collabs, we will tell the stories of those who are putting their passion in the driver's seat. 


Who can apply? 

We don't discriminate here at Even Odds. We are open to submissions from those who love action sports, MCs looking to showcase their talent, artists looking to collaborate, and a multitude of other areas. As long as you're passionate, we support it. And, just because we're Calgary proud, doesn't mean that this opportunity applies to those in our city. We are currently accepting submission from just about anywhere so let's make it happen. 


How to Apply 

Please address any emails to eocollective@gmail.ca with the title 'Local Legends - Application'. Please provide a detailed description of about your passion, and include pictures, video content and links to social media account. The more information you provide us with, the better we can see your vision. 



Any quick questions can be addressed below:

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