Pushing Environmental Sustainability - Bamboo Fabrics

Our brand as a whole encompasses active living and the pursuit of greatness through perseverance and passion. Most of the passions that we are involved with are heavily reliant on the environment and the surrounding atmosphere, and fortunately, here in Calgary, we are surrounded by some of the most beautiful landscapes. These landscapes that we grew up with, are the same landscapes that have filled our lives with joy and helped us in the pursuit of passion and excitement. 

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"...here in Calgary, we are surrounded by some of the most beautiful landscapes."


The bottom line is that without the environment, we wouldn't have skateboards to ride, dirt jumps to dig, or mountains to ride down. Our hiking trails would lack the beauty and our photography would be downright bland and tasteless. It is so important that we recognize the usefulness of the environment and understand that we are guests in nature. As a society, we need to create a harmony between us and nature; a recognition that we need our Earth if we want to continue to push the boundaries. 

As Even Odds rolled into 2017 we began to evaluate our brand. As a brand we represented a specific lifestyle; a lifestyle the encompassed active living and action sports. But what were we really doing to give back to nature? How could we become a successful brand and try to reduce our impact on the environment? It became increasingly clear that in order for Even Odds to push forward as a brand, we needed to figure out ways to coincide with nature and become a brand that not only lived the lifestyle, but truly understood the detrimental impact of not being environmentally aware. 

Welcome to our first of many blog posts that are aimed at the ever growing pursuit of sustaining our environment. Follow us as we look for ways to reduce our impact, gain knowledge and share knowledge about creating a greener Earth. 

As I was saying, in 2017, we made a pledge to ourselves to become a brand that was trending in the right direction. A brand that wasn't focused on the consumerism, but a brand that truly cared about the environment and how it has shaped each and every one of us. But how would we start and more importantly, where does a small business even begin to change for the better? Well, look no further than the fabrics that we were using to create our apparel. 

So this is where we started, by tweaking our garment materials, and it begins with the introduction of our bamboo/cotton/spandex blend that will be revealed on our SS17 line dropping May 15th, 2017. Now, for those of you that aren't aware of the benefits of bamboo (and you should be ashamed of yourself if you didn't. Just kidding), we will give you a rundown of the benefits not only for the wearer, but for the environment as well. 

Environmental effects

There are many benefits of bamboo, and I have already written too many paragraphs, so I will list them below: 

Cleans the air.

Bamboo gives us clean air to breathe, consumes carbon dioxide and, because bamboo forests are so dense, returns 30% more oxygen to the atmosphere than trees. Some bamboo sequester up to 12 tons of carbon dioxide from the air per hectare

Requires less energy, water to grow. 

It takes much less energy to grow and sustain bamboo than other similar trees and plants used for fiber production. Bamboo plantations require very little maintenance. Bamboo also requires very little water and can survive drought conditions as well as flooding.

Reclaims land. 

Because of its rapid growth and root structure, bamboo can, in a very short time, reclaim land destroyed by overgrazing and over-building and clean the soil of toxins.

Can be grown without pesticides. 

Bamboo can be grown without pesticides or chemicals because of it's own anti-bacterial agent.

Can be harvested sustainably. 

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on the planet, making it a high yield renewable resource. It can be selectively harvested annually and is capable of complete regeneration without need to replant.

100% biodegradable. 

Unlike synthetic fibers which incorporate petroleum additives, bamboo clothing is safe for municipal disposal programs, whether by landfill or incineration.

Talk about environmental benefits. Now, we are aware that the overall manufacturing process of the plant is still detrimental to the environment, but this also applies to the manufacturing of many other materials as well. The benefit here is that we are supporting a plant that really, truly, is beneficial to the environment. 

Clothing benefits

On top of the environmental effects, there are also many personal benefits to using this clothing, and they are as follows: 

Naturally soft.

Bamboo apparel is softer than the softest cotton, and it has a natural sheen like silk or cashmere. Bamboo drapes like silk or satin, yet is less expensive and more durable. Bamboo/Organic cotton blends are also extremely soft but heavier in weight.  


Allergy reduced.

Bamboo’s organic and naturally smooth fiber properties are non-irritating to the skin, making it ideal for people with skin sensitivities or other allergies and dermatitis. Some people can still experience chemical sensitivities, however, depending on the manufacturing process used to produce the fiber.

Thermal regulating.

Ensuring that you are warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Bamboo clothing's excellent wicking properties also make it ideal for warm summer days.

 Absorbs moisture.

 A cross-section of bamboo fiber reveals various micro-holes, allowing bamboo cloth to have superior absorption.  This allows bamboo cloth to absorb and evaporate human sweat rapidly. Bamboo fiber is four times more absorbent than cotton.


The porous qualities of bamboo fiber account for it's breathability; clothing made of bamboo resists clinging during hot weather or exercise.


 Bamboo fabric contains a naturally occurring anti-microbial agent, kun, that prevents bacteria from cultivating on it, which means it helps keep you odor free.

UV protection.

 Bamboo naturally provides added protection against the sun's harmful UV rays.

Impressive, huh? Now I know we are talking about the environment, not personal use, but here is the overall idea of listing the personal benefits. We are in an era of a conscious consumer. This is a consumer that is aware of what they are buying, why the are buying it, and understanding that sometimes a higher price tag means higher quality and durability. At Even Odds, we have chosen to create clothing that lasts; clothing that won't be worn 5 times and shrink up into a skinny fat shirt (you know what I'm talking about) and be thrown into a landfill. By improving the quality of our clothing we are ensuring the consumer that they are making a quality purchase that will withstand the test of time, The constant cycle of buy it, wear it, throw it out, rinse, repeat needs to end.  As a brand, it is important to understand that by extending the lifecycle of your garments, you are doing more then you really know, and the environment thanks you. Who knew that quality goods were really that beneficial, eh? 

The ultimate bottom line here folks is that we aim to please. We aim to provide you with quality goods that also make our environment just a bit happier overall. The benefits of bamboo are second to none, and this is our first step in pushing environmental sustainability on our brand. 

What I stand for is what I stand on
— Wendell Berry

Peace, dude. 

Dave Rutherford