Max Langille holding it down

Over the past two weeks Max hunted down some warmer weather and took the bike out to Kamloops and Kelowna.

In Kamloops he attended the River Beaver Classic and absolutely crushed it. he ended up taking first place in both the dirt jump and slope style competition. In case you didn't know, he seriously kills it. 

Max has now been invited to try and compete at the 26 Trix in Austria. This is a gold level competition on the FMB tour so lets keep our fingers crossed for Max, even though he really doesn't need it. 

Keep an eye out for Max because we see big things in his future. The kid is going international. 


Check out some photos of Max from his competitions below. Click on the last photo to check out some footage from the contests; you know you want to. 


                Click the last photo to head over to and check out the footage.