Alberta in 12 Hours

2Creative Co. is a local creative agency which we have been lucky enough to have as apart of our team. They have just recently embarked on a 12 our   journey around Alberta & we are so excited to share it with you! They hit up their favorite spots from Jasper to Banff to Waterton with the help from a few local Calgary sponsors & we were lucky enough to be one of them.


Check out the awesome video below:

Even Odds product featured: WESTWOOD Beanies

Other local sponsors shown in the video: Calgary Heritage Roasting Company, Alberta Branded & Ledin Gray

Check out the Q&A between 2Creative co. & Even Odds below:

What was the inspiration behind the AB12HR?

The Alberta in 12 Hours trip was inspired by our love for the beautiful and diverse landscapes that span across Alberta.

What type of equipment was used to shoot your AB12HR? 

We use a variety of equipment depending on the circumstances. Photographs were mostly done with our Canon camera's as well some taken by our Sony mirrorless. Our video's are always shot on Panasonic cameras, and in some cases with the help of our DJI drone.

Where do you draw inspiration from as photographers?

We draw our inspiration from many different places; the work of other photographers, videographers and in most cases our surroundings. 

Where would be the MOST ideal place to photograph?

We'd love to get a chance to shoot the Faroe islands, they've always been a dream of ours, and we'd definitely make the stop in Iceland on our way there.

What is 2Creative Co.'s next adventure?

Our next adventure will be something similar to Alberta in 12 hours but in another part of the world. We'd really like to keep the series alive as it provides our clients with unique content while also allowing us to challenge ourselves as visual creatives. Managing everything within a certain time frame really forces us to put our heads together and structure something that is often deemed impossible.


Check out 2Creative Co.'s website, Instagram & Facebook to look at other cool projects they've done: 


Instagram: @2creativeco

Facebook: www.facebook.com/2creativeco



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